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General questions about Silicone Sex Doll

We are the online store Number 1 in Europe selling sex doll of high quality silicone. Be silicon sexy fore making a purchase, our customers usually have several questions, it's normal, don't worry. This is why we wanted to make a co real doll sex video mpilation with the most popular questions human sex toy that our customers usually ask us. If you are really interested in knowing more about our dolls we recommend reading each and every question and answer as it is likely that it will clear small sex dolls up the vast majority of doubts you may have right now. Remember that if you have any further questions, you can contact us on these 3 ways: WhatsApp life like real dolls +34 632 945 623 Email support@ or through the form in the “CONTACT” tab

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Cleaning your Sex Doll is very simple and is essential if you want your silicone wrist to last for many years. Therefore, sex toys doll we decided to make a small article where we want to explain some tips to keep your wrist completely clean.

It is advisable to clean your wrist using a small microfiber cloth and water with a temperature of less than 30℃ and mild detergent, such as shampoo or neutral gel or some other type of the real doll company “soft” products to avoid damaging your real silicone doll. Products gay blow up dolls such as bleach or other types of detergents could damage the s real doll sex toy kin as they are highly corrosive products.

How often do I have to clean my wrist?

It depends on how you use your silicone wrist. If used very often, you should also clean it more often. We recommend doing 2 types of cleaning, small breast love doll a small cleaning that will be done after each use and then a more gen interactive sex doll eral cleaning that could be done every so often (for example once a month) and in this way you will always have it as clean as possible.

Finally and as an addition, say that it is advisable to apply a little baby powder after cleaning to prevent the skin from becoming oily. Talc powder is applied when the wri sex robot doll st is dry.

Today, our company has several warehouses in the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe and Asia.

In Europe we have 2 warehouses, one in Germany and one in the Czech Republic. In all the other countries beautiful real doll we have mentioned we have 1 warehouse.

That said, we can already answer the question and the sex doll was sent from the nearest warehouse where we have it in stock. In Europe, Canada, the United States a a high quality sexy dolly live dolls for men nd Australia we have many dolls in stock, but not all of them. In case you choose a sex doll and don't have it in any of our stores near your country, your Sex Doll will be shipped from Asi so real dolls sale a.

If you have questions and want to know in advance where your wrist will be sent, ask us and we will be happy to inform you.

Yes, of course, but we don't offer funding in all countries. The issue of financing is something new that we have implemented not so long ago and for now we only offer funding to customers who harmony robot buy are in Spain. If you are from Spain you will be able to pay your Sex Doll in up to 18 instalments so you can finance your doll at 18 months.

For now we do not offer funding in any country other than Spain, as soon as we include more countries where we can finance sex dolls we will let you know.

*Note 1: For more information, click here: /blogs/news/we financial-the-purchase-of-your-sex-doll-on-up to 18-installments

*Note 2: The funding of your wrist is subject to an additional% interest charged by the financial interest we collab sex simulator for mobile orate with by offering your funding services and you can pay it in installments.

It depends.

The shipping time varies depending on where the silicone sex doll with boobs doll you purchased is sent from.

  • If the doll you purchased is shipped from the warehous e in Europe, United States, Canada or Australia, all dolls sent from the mentioned warehouses have FREE SHIPPING and the delivery time is between 3 and 8 business days. It depends on which city an lifelike silicone love dolls d country you are will take more or less.
  • If the doll you bought is shipped from the Asian warehous real human dolls e, the shipping time depends on the shipping sexbot talk to a robot option you select when ordering. From Asia there are 3 shipping methods and are as follows:
    • FREE SHIPPING (takes approximately 15 to 35 business days). This shipment does not entail any cost and therefore it is FREE, it is the sh life like dolls adult ipping we recommend to our customers.
    • PREMIUM STANDARD SHIPPING (takes approximately sophisticated sex robot 15 to 20 business days). If you want this type of shipment, please contact us.
    • EXPRESS PREMIUM DELIVERY (takes approximately 7 to 15 days). If you want this type of shipment, please contact us.

*Note: Shipping time is subject to change. Because it depends on many factors. If you want us to inform you about the current status of the s real dolls man hipping time, let us know and let you know.

No, we're very sorry but we are unable to offer this type of shipment for 2 main reasons:

1. Dolls are sent from different warehouses we black sex dolls have and the companies we work with do not offe silicone dolls r us this option. We are an online store and we have to follow the guidelines set by the shipping companies with wh best loved doll ich we collaborate.

2. Another reason why we do not work with this type of shipment is due to the cost, it is a very expensive shipment and cost more than 200€.

Apart from these 2 reasons there are a few more, but these are the main ones. So we're sorry but no, we don't do this kind of shipment.

Sure, just look at the photos of our sex dolls that appear in the store. In additi life size real looking dolls on, many of the sex dolls have the complement to the video where you can see the doll much more in detail.

Watching the photos of the Sex Doll is fine, but having video of them is another level. We are the only company on the internet that teaches all customers what dolls we german love dolls sell are like. Avoid buying cheap and poor quality counterfeits, where they send you dolls that have nothing to do with real photos.

We are the No. 1 store in terms of price and quality of real doll. We are your best choice, trust our company and if you have any que free love doll stions you can contact us without any problem.

Sure, but we want to show you and answer this question basically. We are the O sex software for pc NLY online store that has videos of the sex dolls we sell. That is, apart from the photos of our store, many o sexy simulator f our dolls have video that complements the photos. Our team has decided to do so since we know that the videos will make the decision process very much easie male pleasure doll r, for this reason and with the intention of helping you, we have done a video session for many of our sex dolls.

In addition, you can make the purchase of your wrist using PayPal, which is a very reliable payment platform on the int sexsimulatorfree ernet.

We also offer the financing option in up to 18 installments (only for customers from Spain, we explain this in another question in detail), where after paying the first installment you will receive your doll and once y ebony sex toy ou receive it you will continue to pay the other installments month by month. If our intention were to deceive or scam, we would not offer this option to our customers.

We hope that this question has resolved your question and we inspired you a l robot love dolls ittle more confidence.

We only work with urgent shipping companies operating globally. In our case we ship via DHL, FedEx or UPS. As we sell in several countries around the world, dependi real se doll ng on the country we ship with one of these 3 companies.

Remember, we have the FREE SHIPPING option for your Silicone Sex Doll order.

We offer several types of payments, you can choose the one you prefer.

1. Buy through the online store with your credit card (we don't have access to your card details ever since your card information is treated by companies like Visa, Mastercard or Stripe)

2. Paypal: is a fairly reliable payment method in the online world.

3. Bank transfer or deposit: Many customers prefer this method of payment, if you pr real doll knock off efer it there would be no problem. Contact us and we will let you know how to make the payment.

4. Through the financial one: you can make your purchase through the financial one we milf love dolls collaborate with, called Payin 7.

If you want to know what types of customizations we have, click here: /products/sexual-muneca-personalizations